Friday, February 10, 2012

Spelling Game ideas

I take any of my game boards and make a few extra sets of my spelling words for the week and put them on different colors to make groups. They then ask the partner to spell the word and if they get it right they roll the dice and move that many spaces. If they get the word wrong the partner spells the word for them and then they don't get to move. They love this game. I have had 3rd grade teachers barrow my things to play the game with their students spelling words and they LOVE it. I have attached photos of the students playing the game.

Here are the cards I use for the spelling game
Here are some of the game boards I have made and got some free ones from FROG PUBLICATION.

I found this other fun game called "Here comes the Judge" 
where a student will go outside the classroom while 3 other go to the board and write the spelling word the teacher calls out. Then the "judge" comes in and picks the one with best handwriting (as long as it is spelled correctly). Then the person whose name was chosen gets to play the judge. When the student that is outside the classroom, the kids chant, "Here comes the judge, here comes the judge" when they are ready to have the spelling words judged by the student. 

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